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BeLonG To's Training for Teachers/Youth Workers

Discussion in 'Events / Notice Board' started by Slayer, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Slayer

    Slayer Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey all,

    If any of you, or anyone you know, is interested in attending a training day on supporting LGBT young people/tackling homophobic bullying, there is a training day on 14th May for teachers/youth workers in Cork Education Centre.

    You can register online, and lunch and tea/coffee is included in the price :)

    BeLonG To Youth Services invites you to attend a one day training session on the subject of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender young people.

    Topics Covered Will Include:

    LGBT terminology and issues
    Current research on Irish LGBT young people
    How to support young people coming out
    Challenging homophobic language and bullying
    How to make your school or youth service safe for LGBT young people (what kind of policies and procedures should be in place? How can you make the physical environment and the programmes taught inclusive of LGBT young people?)
    The training will use a mix of presentation, case studies, roleplay, exercises, group work etc. and would be idea for anyone who works with young people or has an interest in this area.

    Training Dates:
    14th May – Cork Education Support Centre, The Rectory, Western Road, Cork
    10am – 3:30pm

    Cost per Person:
    €50.00 (including training pack, lunch, tea & coffee)

    Further Information:
    For further information please contact our Development & Training Officer, Rebecca Murphy on training@belongto.or or log on www.belongto.org/pro
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