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Comedian Oliver Callan 'comes out' on Saturday Night Show

Discussion in 'Queer People' started by Dukeboxgeorge, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Dukeboxgeorge

    Dukeboxgeorge Active Member

    Comedian Oliver Callan of Nob Nation fame, who has been in the media limelight of late, for all the wrong reasons, arising out of a recent alleged 'confrontation' between himself and a certain Kerry footballer/fashionista in a Dublin pub, 'came out' to the nation on tonight's The Saturday Night Show, hosted by Brendan O Connor. Apparently some newspapers accused him of being homophobic because of a recent sketch on his saturday morning radio programme in which he allegedly made gay jibes about said footballer's interest in fashion. I thought the sketches were hilarious, even if a little close to the bone. - Nothin' worse than insinuate that a very obvious heterosexual man is a bit quare.There ya go... takes all sorts... I suppose! I think he is probably the funniest comedian around right now.
  2. Invincible

    Invincible You're so gay!

    I don't know who he is:(.
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  3. louislestat

    louislestat Queen Bee

    I only heard of his last week because Paul Galvin started arguing with him in a pub in Dublin
  4. Ros_boi

    Ros_boi space cadet

    "Nothin' worse than insinuate that a very obvious heterosexual man is a bit quare"

    are you saying paul galvin is an obvious heterosexual man?? o_O


    ps. congrats to Oliver for coming out,
  5. triton201

    triton201 Digivolve into Ultimate!!

    I'm not particularly bothered about him coming out.
    I just have a hard time figuring out why it matters in the context that he's putting it out there.

    He's allowed to make homophobic jibes, swipes and comments because he's homosexual??? On the national broadcaster??

    Computer says no.

    I'm not a major fan of Nob Nation...it's rare indeed that any real wit is evident in the skits, and in general is quite nasty. Gift Grub is leagues beyond it IMO.

    If he were straight, would there be outrage re the homophobic comments etc? If so, why is that defused in any way by his being a homosexual? Is that not discrimination???

    I need a cup of tea.
  6. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Remember Bull Island? Loved it!
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  7. Dukeboxgeorge

    Dukeboxgeorge Active Member

    What planet have you been livin' on for the past few weeks....:D
  8. Dukeboxgeorge

    Dukeboxgeorge Active Member

    yes you do and maybe a little nap? It's obviously all too much for your delicate constitution!;)
  9. triton201

    triton201 Digivolve into Ultimate!!

    .........Someone's a hankerin' for a spankerin'

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