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Gay Christians denounce Pope's comments

Discussion in 'News' started by admin, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Lesbian and gay Christians today denounced Pope Benedict’s claim that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.[​IMG]

  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    And we though John Paul II was bad :(

    A sad day for the RC Church and its members indeed
  3. louislestat

    louislestat Queen Bee

    So we need to ''listen to creation''. Thats hilarious coming from a celebate old man in a big white frock. Spare me

    I think this headline should be 'Gay Christians ignore Popes comments'

    As Jesus said 'Man shalt not love another mans willy'.....OOPS silly me he never even bloody mentioned it, which the church seems to constantly forget.

    Blah blah blah the Pope is full of poop

    Dear Jesus my Christmas wish is that you pay The Vatician a visit and give the Pope a funt up the hole. Excuse the language Jesus, but you know I love you (early Happy Birthday[@};-])
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  4. Bootyzilla

    Bootyzilla Myra Hitler

    Herr Gobben Von Shiten-Nazi is really making friends, isn't he?

    Rotten old cunt. May he drop down dead before he causes Rome any more embarrassment.
  5. Hay-ch

    Hay-ch Active Member

    He is after going a bit too far this time alright,

    I generally like him, most other big leaders in world today seem to just do what their advisors would recomend, he seems to do his own thing.

    But yeah, this instance is perhaps going a bit too far, although technicaly:

    My understanding of the church and its views on homos is as follows

    Its ok to be gay however its a sin to commit an outwardly act which confirms that.

    I could be completely wrong with that.

    In his address he does talk about Homosexual Behaviour rather than Homosexuals so really its nothing new. Its just confirmation of the churches view on this issue.

    The other thing I dont like about this is that it is mainly targeted at transgendered people, why are we continuously lumped into the same group.
  6. Invincible

    Invincible You're so gay!

    Just playing devils advocate here, but doesnt homosexual behaviour threaten mankind in that it doesnt produce offspring and too much of it will mean humans will eventually die out?! So, in a way, is he not right??
  7. LGBT Christians

    LGBT Christians New Member

    LGBT Christians is deeply asamed of the misconceptions preached by Pope Benedict XVI in relation to the LGBT community. Whilst acknowledging that some aspects of both the LGBT communities and the hetrosexual community are damaging to ones self, society and the human race as a whole we feel that to compare the sexual orientation that God gives his children to mans unrelenting, perpously destructive and hateful destruction of the world we were given is sick, dimeaning and not a proper representation of the LGBT community.

    "And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world." 1st John 2:2

    "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Romans 12:19

    We would encourage LGBT Christians to remember that Christ never preached in this mannor, nor did he contrast sins in such ways. If you are LGBT and feel the call to repent then do so, if you feel that God has called you in the LGBT community to motivate them to come to Christ then do so! But let us all work together against hate.​
    For faithful Roman Catholic LGBT persons, it is important to note that no Pope has used papal infaliblity when preaching on an LGBT subject. Don't give up hope; Out time will come.​
    Yours in the eternal love of the Father,
    LGBT Christians
  8. -Vonnie-

    -Vonnie- Nananananana Bat-Vonnie-!

    The Church certainly makes it trying for gay Catholics/Christians to keep faith in an institution with such an outspoken bigot at it's helm. Pope Benedict is like the George Bush of the Religious world.
  9. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    I totally reject Kookies comments. The Bible was indeed written by men, but they were inspired by the Holy Ghost. Does this mean the Bible is 100% correct? Maybe so in the original. Does it mean we can pick and choose what laws we obey? No.

    Kookie, God is vengeful! Of course he is! He's a parent to us. Even the best parent gets angry and God as the perfect heavenly Father he is gets angry only to set us on the right path.

    As a non Roman Catholic, I totally reject the Popes office, authority and position as "head of the Church". However, a man suffering in ignorance such as Ratzinger is basically "paranoid". If one reads the book of Genesis plainly it seemingly puts out the following ideals:

    Man > Woman
    Hebrew > All other persons

    And the creation principle, that is that God ordained male and female to be married (As God married Adam and Eve in the Garden). He sees LGBT issues as a new thing or something of Pagan greece. He donesn't understand it. He is a celibate man.

    Another thing we haven't considered is that in Roman Catholicism, tradition is considered as valid as scripture. Using the Bible in defence of homosexuality can easily fail when debating with a learned Roman Catholic.

    Just wait, watch and be ready for a turbulent and ever shrinking Roman Catholic Church.
  10. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    Well :) We're all entitled to our beliefs, ideas and opinions :p

    To me God is a man, he sent his Son to die and the Holy Ghost to comfort us after Christs death. :p
  11. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    No where in Christian tradition is the Holy Ghost female. In all original manuscripts the Greek is masculine. Only Gnostics, which pre date Christianity and adopted some Christian though. They were more of a Greek orientated spiritual think tank.

    Since I'm not a trinitarian, and since trinitarianism is an invention of the 7th centuary, no, Jesus Christ is not the reincarnation of God. Because Jesus Christ is not the Father. Jesus Christ is the incarnation of the pre-existant Christ. He never had a body before his life on Earth and thus is not a reincarnation.
  12. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints theology satisfies my need :p.

    The Pre-existant Christ is the belief (shared by all major denominations) that Christ lived in Heaven before he came to Earth.
  13. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    The Pope is a twit :p

    Latter-day Saints are not trinitarian. I, along with them, believe that God the Father is the God of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a God to. Through him the Father made all things. In turn, he came to die and atone for the sins of all man kind. The Holy Ghost is a God too.

    Basically, we believe that the Godhead consists of three co-eternal Gods. The Father being the source of all divinity on which the other two rest. The everlasting covenant between the three mean they act as one in everything - Word, thought, deeds etc. But NOT in substance. Therefore, statements such as Christs declaration to the apostles:

    "Be ye therefore one; even as my Father in heaven and I are one"

    Can be better understood :p
  14. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    Because it's not true....

    In the Christian sense of things
  15. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    To quote me:

  16. spiller

    spiller Well-Known Member

    anyone else confused by that discussion????
  17. Hay-ch

    Hay-ch Active Member

    Hey Leelum!

    You seem to be well up on this sort of thing.

    Whats your learned opinion about the pope's statements Leelum?

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