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Good Friday & Alcohol

Discussion in 'Life Is An Odyssey' started by admin, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Slayer

    Slayer Super Moderator Staff Member

    The practical side of it doesn't particularly bother me - my friends and I always have a big Good Friday houseparty, it's a tradition at this point which i really enjoy and it's become an Easter get-together really at this stage. I'm not a heavy drinker, and due to meds at the moment I'm not drinking at all so I have no real issue with not being able to buy drink.

    I have major issues with the principal behind it however, and it goes back to my constant bugbear of religious values interfering with civil law - tradition is one thing, law is another and religion has no place in the latter. And yes, we have a MASSIVE issue with drink in Ireland, but honestly, one day where yuo can't buy alcohol is not going to make any kind of difference to that - people who want to will stock up and binge. Long-term, continuous measures are needed to make a difference to our horrendous alcohol culture.
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  2. PhonyMcRingRing

    PhonyMcRingRing Model, Sex God, genius and compulsive liar

    Christ! I like drink and all but that is absolutely fúcking pathetic. Anyone who stoops to that level has a serious problem with alcohol.

    I think the law is stupid and I don't agree with it because it's rooted in religion. Having said that, the amount of people who get panicky about the pubs being closed for one day, or who stock up on a month's worth of booze beforehand and brag about it as if they're some kind of rebellious pioneer, is ridiculous.
  3. PeterMcK

    PeterMcK La filette revolutionaire

    I agree that it's a rather charming tradition and anyone who really suffers because of it is a bit of a sad case, but it is still a law founded purely upon a particular interpretation of a particular form of religious adherence. No secular authority would take it upon themselves to do such a thing and it certainly ought to go.

    Of course, the fact that people get the day off work is also entirely due to religious adherence, so that would have to go as well which would probably be less popular! Taking a day off work because Christians need to go to church then going on the lash instead is cheating:p
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  4. Goldenprincess

    Goldenprincess Active Member

    ok i work in an area that is open all year round, we dont close regardless of the date, so i happened to get the 12 hour shift yesterday and we had a bit of banter about the fact the pubs were closed over dinner, but honestly even those on the 6 hour shift were too wrecked for a drink after work, i really think that there is to big of a deal made out of it
  5. kierank01

    kierank01 Custom Title

    It is not actually a public/church holiday in Ireland (it is in the UK), so a lot of people were working on Friday (a lot of people took holidays though).
  6. LittleTimmy

    LittleTimmy Ireland's Top Gay

    Nobody does a whole lot on Good Friday to be honest. Private Sector gets all Public Sectory and finishes up early ish ;)
  7. kierank01

    kierank01 Custom Title

    :( I had to do a full day's work on Friday
    I was going to say that I got a load done because there was nobody hounding me to do stuff, but that definitely didn't happen(there was lots of hounding).
  8. ryato

    ryato Hikikomori

    Same here. I had to do a full days work, on the evening shift and I also did over time. Good Friday is just another day in terms of my job (always has been)

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