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I despair for humanity

Discussion in 'Life Is An Odyssey' started by Shiva, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Shiva

    Shiva is a volcano of glitter!

    For those posts that make you wonder how genetics and evolution ever came up with someone so stupid. It makes me dispair that we have killed off all natural predators. The herd needs to be culled every now and then.

    I'll start it off with - Twitter discovering that the Titanic was a real ship.

  2. XenviK

    XenviK Cynical S.o.B.

    This has to be a fake or some kind of trending joke, it simply can't be real.... can it?
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  3. Shiva

    Shiva is a volcano of glitter!

    They are all fairly young and mostly American...
  4. Serenitatis

    Serenitatis Knight Of Cydonia

    You should see some of their views on world war 2... it is depressing.
  5. XenviK

    XenviK Cynical S.o.B.

    I'll save myself some time then and put the blanket answer for this thread in now:

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  6. triton201

    triton201 Digivolve into Ultimate!!

    Actually, I'm kind of glad there are people like that around.

    It can be so much fun to toy with the minds of the uninformed! Doesn't have to be any more effort go into fabricating things than having a serious tone of voice. Saves so much hassle!

    Just help them to become become better at what nature intended for them...being drones/cannon fodder.
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  7. kierank01

    kierank01 Custom Title

    I just realised this is real.
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  8. twoleggedfrog

    twoleggedfrog God's nightmare

    What?? You mean the Titanic did exist! I always thought it was just a film! :eek: Why didn't anyone told me before.:(
  9. kingkong

    kingkong *pure fairy dust

    what there was a film:eek: I just thought there was that song and a Celine dion video to go along with it......o_O
    they made a film out of it? WOW :D

    Canadians are so talented...
  10. Irishmaestro

    Irishmaestro Walking contradiction

    Pfff! Next thing, you'll be telling me Hitler was a real person. :p
  11. Shiva

    Shiva is a volcano of glitter!

    That happened, as well as the realisation the WWII was real too.
  12. Irishmaestro

    Irishmaestro Walking contradiction

    You're not serious... :eek:

  13. Shiva

    Shiva is a volcano of glitter!

    Are you honestly that surprised?
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  14. jimjam

    jimjam Geronimo!

  15. irlmbi

    irlmbi Well-Known Member

  16. jc

    jc Well-Known Member

    Whatever about not knowing about the Titanic; thats just ignorance and not really a persons fault. If we were to constantly dwell on disasters of the past, life would be pretty morbid.

    But its when you see on the News, absolute scumbags such as that guy who murdered all those kids in Norway actually smiling and laughing and saying he'd do it all over again - thats when I feel sick about humanity. And even sicker, he will be declared insane and the state will foot the bill for his 'treatment'. Thats not insane... thats a serious brain defect and the creature needs to be put out of its misery.

    Same for rapists and child molesters. Instead of 'treatment' they need castrating! SIMPLE AS!
  17. kingkong

    kingkong *pure fairy dust

    i was amazed they allowed him to give that salute in such a relaxed way, he should be handcuffed, he shot how many people?

    I trust you mean chemical castration? that can be permanent !
  18. jc

    jc Well-Known Member

    It was shocking. Dont even know why theres even a trial!

    And yes... permanent chemical castration. As in, inject em so their boys are no longer active. Remove the urge, remove the problem... life goes on for everyone.
  19. Dukeboxgeorge

    Dukeboxgeorge Active Member

    Oh JC.. life is so black and white for you...;)
  20. DGM

    DGM Whatev's

    From rte

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