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LINC Forum

Discussion in 'Life Is An Odyssey' started by skittles*, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. skittles*

    skittles* New Member

    I didnt want to jump in, because this has nothing to do with me really, but i think it was really unfair to call the new LINC board crap. it's been off the ground less than two weeks and we're really doing our best with it. Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion but give them a chance before you go bad mouthing it on other forums. Sorry to drag this off topic.

    Split from here
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    GayCork.com has an excellent working relationship with LINC.

    And any comments posted by forum members IN NO WAY reflect the opinion of gaycork.com.

    Finally I'll remind people again that LINC and gaycork.com are the oldest gay forums in the country - something we both should be proud of.
  3. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    Ya im a member of gaycork, but im in love with the new linc board. Think everyone involved did a brilliant job, and a comment like what was posted does not reflect everyones, opinion, just one.

    I think its brilliant anyways. Keep up the good work. :D
  4. Proud Mary 1980

    Proud Mary 1980 New Member

    Everybody is entitled to their opinions, it was said the linc board was full of crap, hmmmm in what way is it full of crap? I'm sure we, the community, members of linc, and linc's webgroup would want to please as many members as possible. Suggestions would be welcomed in the relevent section of the linc forum.Smilie <:)>
  5. lil mizz pyx

    lil mizz pyx New Member

    I thin if people have a problem with the L.inc forum they should post about it there. As has already been said, the forum is only a couple of weeks old, so it's obviously not going to be as busy or as big as gaycork.com. However, I think that given the circumstances, the forum is doing really well.

    Seriously, though- if anyone's been to the l.inc forum and has a problem with it, or thinks we could do something better, we're always open to suggestions. We want to make the board a resource for all queer women around Cork, and that can only happen with a whole lot of input.
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  6. lil mizz pyx

    lil mizz pyx New Member

    Oh, and I've just gotta agree with the admin, a whole lot, with bells on.
  7. Slayer

    Slayer Super Moderator Staff Member

    oh god, lesbian warfare.

    *hibernates for a few months*
  8. Sj

    Sj New Member

    Glad my one comment got turned into its own thread which doesnt at all serve to blow things up (Damn those pesky mods, i may leave :p )

    Sorry maybe crap was a bit harsh, just doesnt suit my tastes in a board was what i should have said!!!!!! Its a bit lesbian :eek:
  9. amnesiac

    amnesiac It gets better

    I think younger people in general prefer mixed spaces to ones that are gender specific?
  10. Sj

    Sj New Member

    I definately do, although i can see some womens problems with posting here as it is male dominated. I think myself and slayer are the only regular (read obsessive) logeroners!!!! Most of the time it is male dominated but its not something that bothers me as most thread are gender neutral and sure its always nice to enjoy a post or two on homo-penatrative sex now and again!!! :D
  11. amnesiac

    amnesiac It gets better

    I really would love to see women posting more. I remember back in the day when od and lil miss pyx were the two most active posters!
  12. Slayer

    Slayer Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have ALWAYS been here and more than likely always will ;)
    i like mixed spaces because generally i find women only spaces can get a bit..martyrish and boring.
  13. Sj

    Sj New Member

    Bad lesbian, bad!!!

    But god does anyone here post on sapphicireland, jebus, it couldnt be more lesbian. i could see slayer getting very angry!!! lol
  14. amnesiac

    amnesiac It gets better

    I took one look at Sapphic Ireland and I did not like it. In fact my vagina was furious.

    You know back in the early days here on GC we had seperate fora for Gay Mens' Issues, Lesbian Issues, T Issues and Bisexual Issues. Of course there were always mixed boards as well. Even though I hate gender segregation, sometimes I feel the provision of a Women's Forum here on GayCork would attract more female posters.
  15. redbulljunkie

    redbulljunkie New Member

    Ah yes, back in my pre "supermod" days when I only got to moderate the crappy bisexual forum, to which people rarely posted. We didn't have "why do bisexuals have the best of both worlds" thread back in those days you know [:)].

    I remember the Lesbian forum was busy enough back then though. I was noticing we seem to have a lack of female posters on this site lately. This thread is the first time I've seen many of our previously regular female posters crawl out of the woodwork.
  16. amnesiac

    amnesiac It gets better

    They're too busy being in relationships to post online. Darn lesbians and their love of the relationship.

    *shakes fist*
  17. apollo

    apollo New Member

    I would like to see more women post her also, it would be good for the forum to have a female voice as strong as the male one is currently.
  18. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    I am a woman and post here...!! though lots mighnt notice....

    But the Linc forum has all current affairs aswell as other things going on for them....so i think its shithot but thats just MY opinion....
  19. Mabbit

    Mabbit New Member

    To be honest I'm surprised that the LinC forum's subforum "Dyke Drama" isn't alot busier. Us girls are so complicated... o_O
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  20. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    Am....im sorry i thought the LINC forum was for lesbians??!!! so how the hell can it be too lesbian??!! its supposed to be!...Regardless of peoples opinions i think its great and it is doing well....women understand me more, so im glad that its all women!

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