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My Departure from Pink Parade

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ColleenDawnagh, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Hey Darlings,

    I must announce my departure from Pink Parade on Cork Campus Radio 98.3FM

    Due to circumstances beyond my control I must hang up my Monday afternoon headset and leave it to Mary to carry on as she did before.

    However, Every Friday afternoon from 3 - 4pm I'll be hogging the airwaves with a pre-weekend chat fest, just the thing to get you in the mood for hitting the town on a Friday.

    So join me every Friday from 3 - 4pm on Cork Campus Radio 98.3FM or listen online http://www.ucc.ie/ccr

    And you can still text the show on 086 177 8197

    Talk to you all Friday!

    Colleen xoxo
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  2. Cinaed

    Cinaed Gleek

    congrats on the new show Colleen. never listened to Pink Parade, really, til you started it up again, so I'm looking forward to listening to it via the net.

    Best of luck x
  3. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Well to be fair I didnt start it up again, but filled in while Mary was rehearsing for her dance show in the Firkin Crane during the Midsummer Fest.

    I wish Mary all the best in continuing with Pink Parade on Mondays.

    Thanks for the Congrats Mr!
  4. Tylef

    Tylef New Member

    Cool Colleen! :D
  5. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Just in, the show will be called "The Friday Meltdown" and will comprise topical chat, social diary, music and competitions so make sure you listen in this Friday on Cork Campus Radio 98.3FM
  6. mark275

    mark275 Active Member

    Well done on the new show, cant wait to hear it :D
  7. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    We shall be looking for a co-presenter to join me in studio too so watch this space. Any volunteers hmmmmmmm????

    If you do feel like volunteering, PM me and we'll go from there.

    Colleen xoxo
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe have a guest one each week? Would be fun? :D
  9. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Oh how intriguing.

    I'd like to have 2 regular presenters so that there is continuity and consistency in the work. As in research, recording, editing, that kinda craic.

    Any opinions on the name? "The Friday Meltdown"
  10. Divine Miss M

    Divine Miss M New Member

    Well, I thought you were finishing for good, then I see you have a new show, so hoorah for you. I had a ball the twice I came on with you, so if you ever want a slight gay slant (if you know what I mean) don't hesitate to ask!
    Again, well done on the new show, and all the best to Mary.... 2 slots to tune into now....... woo-woo!!.........
  11. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Aw thanks M. Loved having you on the show also.

    We'll deffo do it again!
  12. Captain Ass

    Captain Ass I went there, and took it

    Only bigger and better things await!! xXxXx
  13. louislestat

    louislestat Queen Bee

    I thought Colleen had a guest every week? No?
  14. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Cheeky bitch :p
  15. louislestat

    louislestat Queen Bee

    I was being serious:D I thought you had a guest every week:D
  16. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    On Pink Parade we certainly tried our best to have guest in the studio.

    I think what Admin meant was to have a guest presenter in studio once a week as well as regular guests. But wouldn't that just make them regular guests?
  17. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Just a quick reminder that Campus Radio's new show begins tomorrow at 3pm on 98.3FM

    I'm all nervous now!
  18. Cinaed

    Cinaed Gleek

    you'll be great! best of luck! same station, and can listen online and all that jazz yea?
  19. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    You can indeed!

    And wait til you get a load of my co-presenters!!! Woop woop!
  20. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    I've just confirmed with the station manager!

    Each week in studio we now have a team of three presenters on the Friday Meltdown.

    They are myself (Allan O'Sullivan), Caroline O'Brien (a UCC Arts Student), and GayCork.coms very own Evan Murphy aka Captain Ass.

    Evan was in studio with me before on Pink Parade and added a great zest to the show, so I'm really looking forward to working with him on the new show!

    Tune in tomorrow at 3pm on Cork Campus Radio 98.3FM or online http://www.ucc.ie/ccr

    And don't forget to text the show on 0861778197

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