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New Website for Gay Travellers

Discussion in 'News' started by admin, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Received by email:

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  2. chatelaine

    chatelaine Well-Known Member

    I imagine that there isn't a big gay community in the travelling community, but that makes the resource all the more welcome, I'd say.
  3. jerryp

    jerryp Well-Known Member

    Some years ago , I met a gay Irish traveller in England. He had been disowned and abused by his own and was quite lonely. He was also stunningly beautiful, think he was an actor. I tried my best , but there was nothing doing as far as he and me were concerned. His loss ;). But seriously, I felt very sorry for him, so this new group is to be welcomed.
  4. Tylef

    Tylef New Member

    Ah this is brilliant! I know loads of travelllers who are gay (was engaged at one point an all :) ). It's very difficult for them though! It's not accepted its completely taboo, you either marry a women or you get the shit kicked out of you or worse.....so this is very welcome! Travelers are the nicest people you can know and there extremely clean contrary to what people think about them and say about them, its the knackers that give travelers a bad name and this is where a lot of confusion stems from.
  5. crazymonkey

    crazymonkey Prodigal son returns...

    I'm confused? I thought knacker was a derogatory term for a traveller?
  6. Carraigrock

    Carraigrock Blah Blah Blah

    That's a really good site.
    Its very clear and gives good advice.

    GayCork.com even gets a mention.

    I like one line used alright in the coming out section.....
    "Pretending to yourself that you are not gay when you are is as pointless as feeling bad because you aren't a badger":D

    They also say that if statistics are to be believed there's 3,200 gay travellers in Ireland.o_O.
    I wonder how many (if any) are logging in to GayCork.com. Would be interesting to hear their story.
  7. mark275

    mark275 Active Member

    I think it originally was used as the travelling community used to do lots of work with tin and were called knackers because of it but it has become a derogatory term. However I would think "pavee" is an even worse derogatory term or "pikey" o_O Good to see resources being made available for any gay travellers out there. The travelling community have a very bad image, I myself hated them for years after being mugged by some travellers when I was younger but I came to realise they are not all like that.
  8. Tylef

    Tylef New Member

    The word knacker originally meant "a clapped out horse", a knacker would look after horses who weren't fit to live, race or work anymore, hence you would bring an old, disabled, seriously injured horse to the knackers farm to either look after for or be put down.

    A "tinker" is the term originally used for those who worked with tin.

    I'm unsure of the words "pavee" and "pikey".

    Today "knacker" gets confused with "traveler" meaning someone who is filthy ridden, immoral, a cancer to society etc an even worse term to call a traveler is "itinerant" its a horrible fucking word used by police and medical which implies there some sort of alien whose disabled.

    Knacker actually applies to those who are "scum", criminals, drug dealers, person(s)/families who are an actual pain in society's arse, there not to be confused with the travelling community, who have their own culture, language and beliefs. Most travelers speak the gammon or cant, a kind of mix of irish/english that has been in its own right changed around again, its very interesting but other "nauseas" can't learn it because it's their own language which they prohibit from teaching those outside of the travelling community.

    Most travellers stay within their own community and don't make trobule for those outside of the travelling community, if their are fights etc that break out it's between families and the whole of society doesn't know about it, regardless of what others might think, seriously if your family started fighting would everyone in the neighbor know about it? Same thing here like.

    Also there are (sorry to do this) "Two types" of travelers, the "settled" and the "travelling". The settled are those who have houses and the travelling are those who live in caravans.
    Most travelers live in caravans in "halting" sites, spaces set aside by the council for them. It is their own privilege and right to live in a caravan, some will get offended when the council suggests a house, because it is there heritage and history that they have always lived in caravans, check out the old style caravan attached, this one is from the "romannies" a family in Britian that has very few left, they were gypsies (The English term for a traveler) but this caravan was the type used in the past for the Irish traveler, nowadays they used the ones we see, for obvious reasons, better tech etc

    A caravan of a travelers is spotless, would you live in dirt? I hate it when people think this otherwise. A lot of them have horses because they still carry that tradition of caring for horses and work with metals and I think its great for those that keep up with it, but now more and more these days their culture, heritage and history is fading fast because their going to school, college etc and you know what college does to a person, changes them completely.

    Anyway thats neither here nor there, thats my two cents, I have loads more to say on this but it'll come with time lol

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  9. Piney

    Piney Tall

    **Phew** good thing I read the thread thoroughly before posting as I thought this was about gay people travelling abroad....

    It's great the resource exists for gay travellers, I met a guy a few months ago and I don't think he had the easiest time of it. The more awareness that's created the better!! Well done to whomever had the initiative to get it started!!:D
  10. redbulljunkie

    redbulljunkie New Member

    And this is a bad thing?
  11. Tylef

    Tylef New Member

    No it's not, but I would love to see something in place by the state that keeps their heritage alive and also a better understanding of travelers and their rights, which I hope this website will deal with etc
  12. Jonni

    Jonni New Member

    Oh this is brilliant, i did work experience last year in a Travellers education centre thingy (all women) and one woman was talking about her son going to jail and how she was terrified about the what "homosexuals" might do to him in there and his girlfriend was worried they might change him or something. Then she asked me did i have a girlfriend and i immediately answered "yes" :D (I was warned by the course director that the younger girls were looking for someone to marry.) Anywho all that got me thinking about how hard it must be to be gay in a traveller family so i went home that night and googled to see if there was any resources on the internet for gay Travellers and i couldn't find anything so this is really great to see.

    Besides that I found a lot them to be really lovely, nothing like I expected.

    :D Yeah my first thought was "ohh i'd love to go to Canada"
  13. Lgbtpavee

    Lgbtpavee New Member

    Thanks for the comments :)

    The word Knacker and Pikey are seen as derogatory words. While once linked to trade and a craft they have, like many other words, become tokens of discrimination and hate. However the word Pavee is one of self description, born from the Shelta language it was and still is used to identify a member as being a kin of the community.

    Currently there are a vast amount of misunderstandings and points of confusion regarding integration, customs, attire, heritage and so forth. These are issues in which many Traveller orientated groups and individuals are trying to overcome, from both within the community itself and as a whole.

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]It might interest members that beginning on the 4th of May, TV3 will be running a three part Series examining Traveller life and Culture in today's Society.

    “The Truth about Travellers” promises to portray the real Traveller community and show’s presenter Henry McKealy take an up-close and intimate look at the Traditional and Current views from religion and the importance of the family unit to how things have changed from recent to past Generations of the Traveller Culture.

    Henry also speaks to a member of the GLBT traveller community and get's an insight to what issue's the GLBT Pavees face from the Traveller but also the settled community.

    The only question left unanswered is, Will you be Tuned into The Truth About Travellers?

  14. Mr_Evil_Piney

    Mr_Evil_Piney New Member

    Sounds very interesting so I'll tune in alright.
  15. amnesiac

    amnesiac It gets better

  16. Tylef

    Tylef New Member

    Did anyone just watch the thing there on tv3? :D Weak for the girls Tiara! :D

    It was very informative all the same, can't wait till next week :)
  17. falcon

    falcon The Lord Regent

    Ok this was just pointed out to me

    firstly, by puttung this image here the persons (it wasnt shiva) caused me to lose a 30% project that I had spent many many hows doing.

    The project itself has to be carried out using online software on the international protein database for protein modelling.

    this lost me a day of study and when I find out those involved..as I will be asking admin in a second since this is a serious breach of my privacy

    I will kick their fucking heads in.

    Oh and btw..the project was lost because the idiots copyed and pasted it from my FB account causing my facebook to think it was being hacked causing my internet explorer to shut down due to 'malicious bbreach of security' apparently

    Thanks guys..you made life alot easier for me..and my mam had a great time consoling me the other night!:mad:[=;]
  18. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Firstly, Can you explain to me more as to how an attached image on this forum caused you to lose your project?

    I ask as it does not make sense that an attached picture would cause this.

    Secondly I was not around when this happened but I shall be investigating it more.
  19. falcon

    falcon The Lord Regent

    As I said on Pm...the message said somthing about my FB email address and links being posted on other sites and then something about my FB being hacked and that they had taken control of my fb a/c and then my fb and browser crashed..there was more but the msg was only there for about 10 seconds before my browser went down..and then I had to answer a rake of questions to regain control of my a/c

    I hope this wont effect GC security...should I change my passwords incase?
  20. c3van5

    c3van5 Ice Cap Zone

    I do not know what is going on.

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