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Pink Parade on Monday 18th May 2009

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ColleenDawnagh, May 17, 2009.

  1. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    The countdown to Cork Pride is nearly at an end and joining us this week will be Liam from the LGBT Christian Group to talk about what it is they do and about the Changing Attitudes Ireland service for IDAHO Day in St Finbarre's Cathedraal.

    Squeeze into those stilettos and adjust your wigs! In the first of what I hope will be a series of interviews with new local talent, Miss Doodle Dandee herself will grace the studios of Campus Radio, with her East Coast American charms and feminine wiles.

    Yet another week of fun, frolics, music and chat on Pink Parade!

    So tune in tomorrow between 3 and 4pm on Cork Campus Radio 98.3FM or online at http://www.ucc.ie/ccr

    Don't forget to text the show during the broadcast on 086 177 8197

    I can't wait to see the fireworks when Doodle and Leelum share an on air talk studio. :p

    As we're having access problems with the Pink Parade gmail please forward all your suggestions for the show to me by private message on here, post on the forum or by hotmail to alleo83@hotmail.com

    Stay tuned!

    Colleen xo
  2. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    Woot! :)

    Looking forward to it :)
  3. max_baby

    max_baby Fabliss and drunk

    i shall pester ye with texts

  4. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    Please Max, none of those dirty texts :(
  5. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    And next week is our Pride Special!

    Make sure to tune in for that! Its gonna be great fun!
  6. Captain Ass

    Captain Ass I went there, and took it

    Good luck tomorrow Liam and Doodle! :D

  7. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Ah they won't need luck! They're great!

    Anyway I can hardly intimidate anyone from behind a large pane of double glazed soundproof glass!

    Don't forget to tune in and supprt them tomorrow at 3pm!

    And make sure to join the Pink Parade social group here on the website!
  8. leelum

    leelum A Cock, in a Frock, on a Rock.

    Anyone who doesn't listen will be hunted down and drunkenly abused by Max!
  9. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Online link does not work?
  10. max_baby

    max_baby Fabliss and drunk

    Listen online

    then click
    # QuickTime Player

    * Opens in a new page
    only way im getting it to work >_<
  11. mark275

    mark275 Active Member

    I cant get any of the online player links to work but dont worry everyone I emailed the station about it & they know about the problem. I was able to tune in using my phone :D
  12. ColleenDawnagh

    ColleenDawnagh Resident Foodie

    Thanks so much to Dermot, Liam from LGBT Christians and of course the inimitable Miss Doodle Dandee for making the show really enjoyable today, for me and our listeners.

    Thanks to all who texted in with comments and questions. Comments are great but questions are even better!

    I'm sorry I didn't have any Eurovision songs but I'll track em down for next week's Pride 2009 Special!

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