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Rant Rant Rant for 2012

Discussion in 'Personal Issues & Advice' started by opus, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. kierank01

    kierank01 Custom Title

    Did you have the engine running while you were filling it?

    In all seriousness, I do wonder about the meters on various different petrol pumps. How do you know if you put '40 ltrs' in that you really got 40 ltrs.
  2. kierank01

    kierank01 Custom Title

    The only way that insurance is going to go down for you, is to get experience. It may still be out of your range, but it is something to think about.
  3. XenviK

    XenviK Cynical S.o.B.

    My turn to go :eek:: Are. You. Maaaad?!?!?!?! Anyway I like my tea strong but with plenty of milk, it's the perfect cup of tea!
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  4. Goldenprincess

    Goldenprincess Active Member

    I have learnt this from making tea for 60 people at work, tea is always with milk, and if the milk is always put in the cup before the tea
  5. Cully

    Cully Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity i checked the spec for my car and according to the manufactures the petrol tank has a max capacity of 89 litres.:eek:
    Bloody hell i don't think it will ever see full!!:cry:
  6. triton201

    triton201 Digivolve into Ultimate!!

    I hate it when the milk is put in the cup before the tea.
    I have been told it prevents stains.....but that, I have proven, is complete and utter bollocks. [:-|]

    I say drinking the tea within a decent number of minutes (and then rinsing the drops out) prevents stains. :D
  7. existo solvo

    existo solvo is not the Messiah,he's a very naughty boy.

    My Nan is gone a month today,my mother is being brought to Cork for a serious operation on Thursday where we have been presented with some very scary worst case scenarios and other stuff has happened too.This time 6 months ago everything was so different.
  8. XenviK

    XenviK Cynical S.o.B.

    The lack of money in my wallet has put the kibosh on plans to head out tonight. Also The Apprentice really isn't the same without Margaret. :(
  9. Slayer

    Slayer Super Moderator Staff Member

    My kindle is broken! It was in my bag in its lovely strong case, when I went to use it the screen is covered in lines!! :(
  10. Irishmaestro

    Irishmaestro Walking contradiction

    There's some all-night road-works right outside my house. JCBs, pneumatic drills, reversing lorries and everything. I thought there was some sort of law against that...

    Ah well, come to think of it, it's probably our old friends, the loopholes and exceptions up to their usual tricks. xD
  11. Goldenprincess

    Goldenprincess Active Member

    there are roadworks (well building a flyover) going on the main roads at night time to minimize delays as much as possible, if its the one im thinking of it started last October at the Bandon Road roundabout
  12. irlmbi

    irlmbi Well-Known Member

    I'm tired and grumpy.
  13. Goldenprincess

    Goldenprincess Active Member

    Im tired, grumpy, sore and tired. And Im back in work at 8am tomorrow morning
  14. ryato

    ryato Hikikomori

    Why so?

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  15. max_baby

    max_baby Fabliss and drunk

    Not being able to head out this Friday >_<

    ... or yesterday for that matter >_<

    (1,000th post - woop! Only took 6 and a half years)
  16. PhonyMcRingRing

    PhonyMcRingRing Model, Sex God, genius and compulsive liar

    All the Malibu gone. All the cigarettes gone.
    And yet not one bit happier. :( How the fĂșck am I gonna survive another two months out here in Boredomsville? And even when I get back things aren't likely to improve much.....
  17. kingkong

    kingkong *pure fairy dust

    my friend got his placement at the rotunda instead of cuh.....
  18. jimjam

    jimjam Geronimo!

    Hugs [@};-]

    At least you'll be able to buy cider...
  19. Goldenprincess

    Goldenprincess Active Member

    got landed with one of the worst consultants i ever met in the cuh today when i brought one of the residents in today, and the finish it off nicely got caught in the hailstone shower when waiting for the taxi, luckily i was able to get my resident into a shelter quickly
  20. Shiva

    Shiva is a volcano of glitter!

    RPG after the race :(

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