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Table Quiz

Discussion in 'Queer People' started by NuMarvel, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. NuMarvel

    NuMarvel Welcome Wagon

    Was at the table quiz last night. It was fantastic to see such a great turn out. There was about 13/14 tables in total and it was a great laugh! Great to see that their is a strong gay community in cork ready to support ventures like this.

    Congrats to the quizmaster and host - good craic and the questions were..... interesting to say the least. Still trying not to wet myself laughing at the volcano question -)

    Well done to all concerned and here's to the next one!
  2. KTS

    KTS New Member

    Was in Loafers last night but hadn't a clue about the table quiz so didn't participate. It was certainly a lively crowd, and me and my friend sat out in the beer garden (the only place where there were seats!) and enjoyed listening to the quiz.
  3. corkguycork

    corkguycork New Member

    a big thank you from the film team to j.p. and carol on such a good night out[=D(], and thanks to all who gave support to the quiz with out your help we would not be able to produce the next film[)D(]. we will be holding the next event in oct and will up date you on the time and place. we started pre production in may of this year and go into production next week. if you would like to be involved in any way please contact us corkfilm@hotmail.com
    the film will be out in feb 04 and if you enjoyed "take a chance on me" you will love what we have for you this time round[)]

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