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What happens when we die?

Discussion in 'Life Is An Odyssey' started by Carraigrock, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. opus

    opus Well-Known Member

    While I've really like to have some belief in an afterlife (not particularly for myself rather for people I cared about who've died), my thinking is that this is it so we should really try and be as nice as possible to each other while we're here.
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  2. Giggly-Katie

    Giggly-Katie New chick in town

    I work in insurance, mainly dealing with serious illness & death claims. It hits home when you get a call from a client telling saying that their husband/wife died or has contracted cancer etc. But I think when you get an illness like that, you hope that the pearly gates are real & all those you lost, you will meet again and watch over your loved ones..... [[-o(]
  3. LittleTimmy

    LittleTimmy Ireland's Top Gay

    I believe in an after-life. Just don't ask me to prove that one actually exists.
  4. triton201

    triton201 Digivolve into Ultimate!!

    Another thread that popped up in 2010 was whether animals went to heaven or not. The following is what I popped into it, but there're other comments in the thread which some might find interesting to read now that it's a year and a half later.
    Just hit the little arrow after "Originally posted by Triton201" at the top of the quote to be brought to the thread.

  5. Carraigrock

    Carraigrock Blah Blah Blah

    How morbid am I?! I started that as well - just read what I wrote too...See, my opinions on the matter are changing all the time!
  6. kingkong

    kingkong *pure fairy dust

    "End, no the journey doesn't end here, Death is just another path, one that we all must take, The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back and all turns to silver glass and then you see it. White shores and beyond a far green country under a swift sunrise.
    Well that isn't so bad?
    No. No it isn't."

    JRR Tolkein wrote this and i think its a nice concept of death and after
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  7. Irishmaestro

    Irishmaestro Walking contradiction

    Wow - reading that thread reminds me of how confrontational some people on here could be about such things in the past. Downright unpleasant, sometimes. It's so lovely that all that has changed.

    Kudos to Carraigrock for starting such a respectful thread! :D

    Anyway, to get back on topic, I meant to post this here the other day but forgot, for some reason. It's No.10 of John Donne's Holy Sonnets. Whether or not you share the beliefs Donne is talking about, it's still a marvellous piece of poetry. ^__^

  8. chatelaine

    chatelaine Well-Known Member

    I think the "energy" explanation works best for me. I used to think there's an afterlife but now I am not so sure.

    It's weird but when I visited Sachsenhausen, the profound sadness must have been residual energy from all who died there. In a sense, that sadness is the 'energy' that has remained...
  9. Teri_Rose

    Teri_Rose Green-Eyed TransX

    Life and living is a precious commodity - use it as fully as you can!
    Unfortunately death is 100% inevitable - I hope my dispersed atoms constitute a return to planet Earth as a Butterfly.
  10. Dukeboxgeorge

    Dukeboxgeorge Active Member

    How can you say you 'KNOW' ? You simply cannot KNOW either way !
  11. triton201

    triton201 Digivolve into Ultimate!!

    Quite a lot of what people 'know' is really something they believe to be true.
    But everyone still refers to those things as known, and we all know what each other means when we say that we know......or at least, we believe we do. :p
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  12. Harry Bo

    Harry Bo Well-Known Member

    I think what will happen when we die is beyond our comprehension.

    Humans are weird, we simply MUST know, and if we don't know it tends to destroy us, so we make things up to comfort us.

    I tend to think about it all on a bigger scale.

    Humans on earth are the dominant species because of a few simple things..invention of a weapon, the wheel, the thumbs thing...whatever, we became the dominant species!

    There are so many lifeforms on this planet that we insist were created by god (or the creator...or the big bang etc).

    In the giant scheme of things, were not that important :) If you want to know what happens to us when we die, our bodies go to ground and become part of the planet.

    Spiritually, I believe were too special to just waste away, but what level of existence we go to, who knows!?

    If I go and gaycork.com is still knocking about, i'll try come back and post to let ya know.

    As humans we're always learning, a few hundred years ago we believed the earth was flat and now we know it is not, who knows what humans will know in 500 years.

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