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What's the difference between Queer and Gay?

Discussion in 'Queer People' started by Silversmile, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Silversmile

    Silversmile Well-Known Member

    This vexes me.
    I signed onto the Queer.ie forums and I was asked as part of registration weither I was Queer or Gay. But I always thought the two words meant the same thing. Can someone clear this one up for me?
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  2. Swimmy

    Swimmy New Member

    Gay is an adjective to describe someone as a homosexual

    Queer is a noun a derogatory term for a homosexual.

    This is the answer from the dictionary!
  3. Slayer

    Slayer Super Moderator Staff Member

    well...some people think queer is a more all encompassing term, and that gay doesn't suit them because it's too restricting or something.

    i say we like to label things too much.
  4. Silversmile

    Silversmile Well-Known Member

    So why oh why would someone pick a derogatory term to describe themselves? If someone called me queer or a faggot, i'd get pretty upset
  5. Slayer

    Slayer Super Moderator Staff Member

    because not everyone thinks of it as a derogatory term if used in certain contexts.

    for example, if i said, to oh, say Damien :p

    "Ah I love ya ya big queer"

    then he knows that isn't meant as offensive(if he finds that word offensive, i apologise, i don't remember you having any big issue with it. :p )

    whereas, if i was walking down the street and someone shouted:


    Then that'd be offensive. replace queer with the word dyke or homo and it's more or less the same situation.
  6. Swimmy

    Swimmy New Member

    The reason for this I think is if gays use the term queer then it loses the nastiness associated with it and hence renders it useless much like the word nigger in the americal black community is used?
  7. Silversmile

    Silversmile Well-Known Member

    Im still not getting how it makes a difference to anyone, but okay. Technically, im both queer and gay. But identifying as just one of those is the same as identifying as both, and wouldn't make a difference to anyone reading my profile, or cast me in a different light had my choice been different. Right?
  8. Swimmy

    Swimmy New Member

    Yes it is just the stand you take on the issue...you and I would describe ourselves as gay others queer .......etc. No big deal!

    So you are a fun loving fairy who is gay and queer.......say it after me you homo!

    I find that if you find a term upsetting, stand in front of the mirror and say it to yourself! It is most disarming and you become desensitised to it and it means nothing to you. I just look at those kind of people and feel sorry for them as they have so many insecurities to behave in such a manner [:)]
  9. Silversmile

    Silversmile Well-Known Member

    lol you read my profile? I didn't think people actually read those
  10. Swimmy

    Swimmy New Member

    Its all lies anyway.........your a boring repressed heterosexual.....we all know the truth................. :p
  11. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    do u know what i was thinking when someone shouts across the street "GAYYYYYYYYY" why dont ya turn around back and shout"STRAIGHTTTTTT" jst to see their reaction i think it would be fierce funny!
  12. 007

    007 From Russia With Love

    I dislike the term queer, but it's not exactly offensive to me. It all comes down to the context in which it is used, I guess.
  13. Swimmy

    Swimmy New Member

    A level head 007....fair play! This is getting very complicated I think!
  14. damien

    damien Diva

    Nope I don't find it offensive at all. I use that or gay to describe myself. I do find the word "faggot" offensive though.
  15. Swimmy

    Swimmy New Member

    I find faggot offensive also I have to say even if it is a bundle of sticks! :(
  16. Silversmile

    Silversmile Well-Known Member

    Bundle of sticks?
    Yeah, and im the queen...
  17. 1082229

    1082229 New Member

    hmmm, ok from what i've understood of what queer is from ppl who identify as queer, it is far more than gay, it is a more embracing term that covers gay, lesbian biseual (transgender? not sure on that one).

    its more a fluid term,
    Queer, originally a derogatory slur, it has recently been reclaimed by some to be an inclusive word for all of those within the sexual minority community. Because of the original derogatory nature of the word, it is not necessarily accepted by all.
    it i think i an umbrella term for all LGBT people..... its an american thing mainly but its a growing term in dublin and the like
  18. 1082229

    1082229 New Member

    i'm wouldn't liek to be called it to be honest, but some identify with it so......
  19. Silversmile

    Silversmile Well-Known Member

    Check me out, im Around The Block and Back.
  20. wally

    wally New Member

    [QUOTE=Silversmile]Check me out, im Around The Block and Back.
    Congrats Silversmile!! and for us new folks in town can ya tell us whats in store as we proceed around the block? Meet any studs hanging around the block?

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