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Where the flip is everyone?

Discussion in 'Website & Forum Feedback' started by LittleTimmy, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. fair_bad

    fair_bad Well-Known Member

    I took a little break to make me study... Very quiet on here lately alright. I've become more of a lurker than a poster!
  2. therealC

    therealC Well-Known Member

    mainly just read rather than post lately, perhaps a meet up may be needed
  3. PhonyMcRingRing

    PhonyMcRingRing Model, Sex God, genius and compulsive liar

    I'm always lurking somewhere in the background. There's so little to do where I am, and as a result my laptop is now basically fused to my hip.
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  4. amnesiac

    amnesiac It gets better

    I'm here too.

    Came back from the US this week determined to be positive and upbeat but I've come home to a number of different stressors that are really trying me!

    I do have this to look forward to over the weekend though:

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  5. kierank01

    kierank01 Custom Title

    love green&black's

    the forum is busy today, but that is probably because of the day.
  6. ryato

    ryato Hikikomori

    I'll be going home this weekend...but I'll still her on GC cos there is feck all to do at home in Limerick
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  7. Carraigrock

    Carraigrock Blah Blah Blah

    Tell me about it...
    I'm here now and bored shitless.
  8. opus

    opus Well-Known Member

    I pop up here every few days or so! Lots of my free have been eaten up with training for the London marathon lately but it's wind-down time now for the next two weeks :)
  9. PhonyMcRingRing

    PhonyMcRingRing Model, Sex God, genius and compulsive liar

    At least you've pubs in Limerick. You can go and drink your troubles away! (may not be recommended)

    Whereas where I am; no pubs, no people, no anything. :(
  10. ryato

    ryato Hikikomori

    Except I don't drink..and don't have any friends in Limerick (particularly in the village I'm from)
  11. twoleggedfrog

    twoleggedfrog God's nightmare

    Was away for Easter week end.

    I'm currently having a glass of wine (which will of course be expensed as I'm on a business trip) in Paris CDG airport, waiting for my flight to Morocco. So apologies if I am not online as much as I used to. :p
  12. kingkong

    kingkong *pure fairy dust


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  13. EugeneOnegin

    EugeneOnegin New Member

    I've not gone anywhere. Lately I've been all Lurkley, surreptitiously hiding in the shadows @-).

    It has been a bit quite about these parts recently- where's the melodrama?

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