You are Loved

Despite all that has happened recently, remember that you are loved! was founded in January 2002 and over the last few years has been in hiatus mode due to the dominance of social media.

However with recent events it has been quite clear to us that there is a need to have a central and independent web space to link to all the LGBTi services and support in Cork and beyond.

Hence over the coming months this website will undergo a major overhaul, so please stay tuned.  (April 2022)


Need Support?

Check out the options below, should you seek support or help:

Gay Project LINC  
The mission of the Gay Project as per the Constitution is to ensure that gay, bisexual, men who have sex with men (MSM), trans and queer men are enabled to participate fully in Ireland’s social, economic, cultural, political and artistic life.


LINC is the only community development organisation working exclusively with Lesbian and Bisexual women in the Republic of Ireland. Through the LINC Resource Centre, we have completed a comprehensive outreach training and development programme. We’re here to listen in confidence and without judgement, seven days a week. You can talk to us by phone or online through our instant messaging service or by coming along to one of our peer support groups. Whatever is on your mind we’re here to listen.